Thursday, April 23, 2009


Mulitiple choice! Is this vest
a) an odd fitting piece I'll wear around the 'hood only
b) a mistake that could have been avoided,
c) if I just make a few adjustments like taking in the seams near the bust, a lovable garment
d) all of the above

GZUCKER0409washsup_ 267
For sure it falls into the category of a knit not matching the fit & look of the pattern but, more or less coming out as I wanted. Problem is I like the deconstructed oversized look but it doesn't flatter me so much. Never has and I never learn.

Brings to mind a favorite book
the deets
One Cable Vest from Blue Sky Alpacas
needles: us 8
Cascade Eco Wool +
Oh this yarn is wonderful. I thought it was merely economonical & sturdy but no, it is lovely, soft and almost felted-feeling, the cable pops like mad.
GZUCKER0409washsup_ 470
All of one skein. If you go and buy it at Webs this month you could make this for less than $11.
Love the rustic-y cable on reverse stockinette, the back was to be stockinette but I stuck with the reverse there, too. I like the deconstucted look .
GZUCKER0409washsup_ 475photo by Dave, showing the vest in its intended setting, at home. With wine, its intended beverage.
The pattern was written wonkily. I had gauge, but the dimensions are way off. I had oversized in mind but you know, the boobage space far exceeds the flesh, and how shall I say this? I'm not flat by any means. As Dave observed "It looks like someone gave you their vest and you wear it because you like it but it doesn't fit you ".
Whatever! The sun is shining, I'm on to sweater # 5 in the dodecathalon (rav link) I'm not officially doing (heh), the Ct Sheep & Wool Festival is tomorrow and look! GZUCKER0409washsup_ 478
The day lilies are overtaking the snow shovels. I think spring is really here.


livnletlrn said...

Spring IS really here. Have you seen the dogwoods?! It's going to be a great day tomorrow. See you in Vernon!

kat coyle said...

Dave's comment made me laugh. I like the vest, it does look comfy and matches well with a glass of red wine.

the Lady said...

I choose E, wherein I hear frogs croaking.

Happy Spring!

Mary Lou said...

Ah, those honest responses. I'd rather have that than, that's nice, honey. I do love Eco - I spent some time today putting stash in Ravelry and found I have 6 skeins of Red. Must be enough to make something!

astoriaAnn said...

Good to see -- I love reminders that I'm not the only one. Lovely baby dress I finished a week or so ago won't fit over the baby's head. Ripping out the collar and reknitting looser I guess, maybe I'll unseam the shoulder too and put in a few buttons. I always feel like I've failed, but really, its part of the process.

Beautiful cable, beautiful color, beautiful yarn!