Sunday, April 12, 2009

fish food feet

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As I've said before, I'll try almost anything once, as long as it's legal. And I don't have to eat raw tomatoes while doing it.

A fish pedicure* asked my sister, as we visited in Maryland this weekend? OK, why not.
Here's sister Marla when she first placed her tootsies in the tank.
You get used to the feeling. After a while.
0409famvar  617
Here's her feet with all the sweet little orangey fish at work.
0409famvar  619
Here's the fish I got in my tank. Larger. Fatter, Why? I have no idea. They were hungry though.
0409famvar  638
Have I grossed you out yet? It felt tingly. I asked the women working there what the difference is between our two kinds of fish . We had a tiny bit of language barrier settling the question. The most I got is sis's do lots of ticklish picking and mine are more like bigger biters (explained with sort of a ping pong sucking sound).
0409famvar  641
You probably think my pedicurist is laughing as she fans because I'm taking so many pictures. But , you would be wrong. 0409famvar  642Are you ready? She was cracking up because I'd just admitted this is the first time I've ever had a pedicure.
Mission accomplished. I can barely stop admiring my fish-massaged, bright & shiny digits.
FYI- dudes do not be afraid . This could be a macho pedicure experience. Maybe skip the polish.
0409famvar  649
* fyi, we had more reasonable fees than the prices quoted in that article.


Mary Lou said...

There is dicussion of making these illegal in MN, but I don't even know where I could get one. My sister talked me into my first pedicure, and i did enjoy it. A little early here for sandals, however. Hope you had good food family at Pesach. Did you rate an invite to Obama's?

p2sso said...

Your sister looks like she's having a blast. What a fun thing to try.

Ellen Bloom said...

Ha! I've never heard of a fish pedicure! It looks fantastic. Great pics, of course!

gayle said...

I'm just speechless...
I'm so cringe-y about anything touching my feet that you would have had to scrape me off the ceiling.
Gives me the willies just thinking about it... 8)

Turtle said...

they recently outlawed them here in WA, how can you sterilize a fish and as they actually consume the skin, they can pass bacterias, etc on to other folks. (i was interested in this topic when it was being passed..being a nail tech and all) But i do remember being nibbled on by minnows in the river growing up! it sure does tickle!

the Lady said...

How interesting! So, did the fish really work to remove the skin?

And not that you asked or anything, but ummm, btw... I think your sister may want to trim her toenails a bit more often. I think that can cause problems, especially in shoes.

For both of you, if you ever want to give yourself a pedicure or manicure, try buffing your nails. It's amazing, and removes yellow nails, leaving a smooth nail behind. makes a more expensive kit, or you can a 3-in-1 pad for like a buck at your local drugstore:

Mandy said...

This is just about the best thing ever! Thank you for all the great pictures. I've never had a peddi, either.

Carole Knits said...

I've heard of the fish pedicure but I've never seen it around here. I think I'll stick with the more traditional methods!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of that before! Pretty interesting...not sure I would try it though I'm VERY ticklish. Still not sure if I get the purpose. Is it the tickling feeling or do they actually scrape the dead skin off?

Cathy R said...

In Bermuda, the little ocean fish would do the same thing when you waded into the water. Definately a weird feeling. But fun!

craftivore said... That is surreal. I had no idea that there was such a thing as a fish pedicure. I love the first picture, I think it should be on a stock photo site.

Chris said...

Ha! Makes me giggle. :) But I wonder if it's safe for the fish?

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Oh my God that is fascinating/terrifying!!!

Anonymous said...

The last line in the article cracked me up.

More amazing than the fish pedicure is the fact that your first pedicure was a fish pedicure.

Much to ponder here. I am thinking of leeches. I haven't thought of leeches for a long time.

xo Kay

twinsetellen said...

We did this when visiting our daughter in Korea. The first 20 seconds were excrutiatingly ticklish, then the nerves just kind of turned off. I hope I never forget the look on my husband's face the first 20 seconds! You can see a shot of our experience at the February 15, 2008 post from our blog.

Lanea said...

I can't stand raw tomoatoes either. Blech. But the fish pedicure looks very intriguing. Hmmmmmm . . .

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