Thursday, October 09, 2008

enchanted 1

1008Mewmex_  0008
Albuquerque! 1st stop on the Shear Spirit with a Side Order of Enchiladas Please Tour.1008Mewmex_  0006
Let's get the cliffhanger out of the way: finished knitting the Montana Tunic on the plane, headed for our first stop, Village Wools , I thought it'd be poetic to get the two side buttons for the garment there ,I'd cast off and do the final sewing on the spot.
This is what my post-flying, time zone switched, indecisive eyes set upon
1008Mewmex_  00201008Mewmex_  00181008Mewmex_  0016
Actually there were more but you get the idea. My pick, elk horn slices1008Mewmex_  0021 Now that I'm getting around to a pretty good number of LYS, I can say that if this is yours--you've got it GOOD. We had a lovely booksigning,met great knitters, hung with the staff, ogled much yarn, I cast off , they let me steam block the long side ribbing in one of their big extra rooms they use for classes . And then I kind of lost my mojo to get it done. Into the Tote Bag O' Samples in it's 98% finished state and I cast on to my knitting for the trip
1008FamVar_  009
Also poetic (I know, what's with all the poetic gestures? Must be the air there. It smells so good and has so little oxygen in it). A skein of handspun Victory Ranch alpaca from my last visit, I love the idea of doing something with it on its home turf . Next stop, Las Vegas, NM.


Carole Knits said...

This book tour is taking you to great places!

Stephanie said...

Love Love Love all the buttons!

Anonymous said...

Look at all those buttons!!!! Oh my!

I'm interested in taking some photography classes... Amature, of course. any suggestions?

Cathy R said...

OOOHHHHH, Look at all the buttons!! How cool!

And the blue door with the bats is a wonderful shot.

Congratulations on (mostly) finishing your Montana Tunic.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Jealous!! You know how I get with animal horn buttons.

Can't wait to see it finished.

craftivore said...

Your photos are such lovely treats for the eye.

Birdsong said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen that many buttons at one time in person... must have been overwhelming. So glad the book tour is going well.

leah said...

Aww, I really thought you'd get it done! It was great to meet you and Joan at VW. I'm glad I dragged my girls out to come get your book-- my knitting is mostly vicarious right now, so your pictures are just what I need!

Scoutj said...

I can NOT believe I missed you. A bunch of things happened and life just totally got in the way. I wasn't able to go to Taos either. But I will be at Rhinebeck so I hope to see you there!

twinsetellen said...

Just got home this afternoon from hearing Ann and Kay discuss their new book. They raved about the photographer. :-)

Scoutj said...

oh yeah....and isn't Village Wools the best? And I live 2 miles from there!