Friday, May 02, 2008

hi ho, hi ho

It's off to Maryland I go!
Indigo dyed yarn in hand to knit on the train , tattoo'd and ready to rumble.

I'm handing out tattoos for all, and I'll shoot you wearing one for a gallery over at the Shear Spirit blog. You know you want one.

I've never been to Md Sheep & Wool. Heidi tells me I am not prepared. You'll recognize me by the dazed expression.
come visit me signing books and yakking it up Saturday at the Seacolors booth with Nanney Kennedy, Maine fiber farmer extraordinaire from 10-12 , and then at the Autumn House Farm booth, with their stunning yarns and fiber from 2-3.

If you're Sunday fairgoer, I'll be with Jody MacKenzie at Botanical Shades, from 10-12, she' the most knowledgeable and consistent all-natural dyer I've ever seen and ooh, to sit amongst her yarn for a coupla hours. That's not work, is it?

ps. Here's a link to the booth #'s.


jasmine said...

Man the one year I decide not to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool -- oh well, I am going to Cape May instead. I wish I had a cool tattoo.

Mary Lou said...

I have a tatoo, just won't be in MD-- but i think I'll be going to Shepherd's Harvest out near Stillwater, the Minnestrista folks should be there. If there are any tatoos left at the Yarnery, I'll bring them along.

Norma said...

Ohhh, I'm gonna miss you! Maryland is definitely a dazing, dizzying experience. Have a blast!

Cristina said...

We have to miss it, too, boohoo. I just love the sheepdog show and the stunned looks of incomprehension I got hoping to buy Koigu or STR Sunday. Have fun!

Rooie said...

Gale, it was so nice to meet you and Nanney and I love the book!

But how on earth did I manage to walk away without buying any Seacolors yarn? I'm kicking myself this evening, you may be sure.

Gotta Knit! said...

Have fun or hope you had fun.

Wicked cool tattoo even if it is only temporary.

jennsquared said...

Yeah! I was there, but I didn't see you! Beth and Brenda got tatoos :( I want one!

Mia said...

You just looked tired on Sunday when I saw you. But that is understander able after Saturday. And I love the tattoo!!!!

I am finally going to get a chance to look through my book tonite.

Kris said...

I saw posters for your book all over the place but I sadly missed you -- too much time working in a booth, shepherding kids (pun intended), etc. The poster looked great! Hope you had a good time.