Tuesday, April 22, 2008

join me in the Reverse-A-Week machine

Back to Tuesday, last week at The Point.
Yay Patty & staff, whatt yarn store, my only regret is I didn't get to browse, and that someone else bought up all those great needle cases on the counter. If you scroll down on the link, the Ruby Splash fabric is the one that I was eyeing. I think they are getting more in, be poised to pounce.

To bring you up to speed, my co-author, the Cali based Joan Tapper, was in NY on the very date our book was published, so we feted. I highly recommend fete-ing, if this is any indication of what it's like. Thanks a zillion million to all who attended.

I was feeling kind of run down when I got to NYC that afternoon, so slugged back a double espresso just before the author talk time. I underestimated the energizing effect of entering a charming knitting store/cafe packed to the gills with people I love or really really like or would like to know better. The result : I am pretty sure I spent ! The whole night ! talking ! ! with exclamation points !!!

I can be an enthusiastic person when blabbing on say, a project I worked on obsessively for 18 months, but I may have pushed the limit.
Lesson learned in the caffeine department. Joan was more centered, and I hope balanced us out.

Another lesson learned, in the signing department. I hadn't thought what one actually writes when you sign your books, it isn't quite like a yearbook Stay as Sweet as UR or the guest log of an art exhibit, so Nice work, so inspiring! didn't quite cut it . I plan to get this aspect of knit book event-ing under control before the next time at... drumroll..Maryland Sheep & Wool.* There, I plan to leave in a teensy bit of time for shopping. Lots of time to shmooze and take pictures of all I meet. And, maybe, I'll stick to coffee ice cream as stimulant.

One last lesson learned: you can't be talking, signing, enthusing and taking pictures, so my sister did the honors , grabbing my camera at the last minute. (thanks Lulu!) Thus, you don't see her nor sweet baby Meli , nor a bunch of other folks I'd like to have in pixels but she couldn't have known which way to point the big lens.

I can offer you this evidence that Cara has already been an excellent knitting influence on her little sprout of a daughter, aided by the obviously smitten knittin' Kay.

and proof that I should stick with photography because the hand modeling career ain't gonna happen. Woo, is it the espresso that causes hand vein pop?
* for the signing locations at Maryland Sheep & Wool , and other events, click over to the Shear Spirit book blog sidebar . Besides, it has a good post up this week, written by Joan.


Margene said...

I can't wait for my book to arrive. Thanks for the picture of Cara and Meli, too!

Cara said...

So glad we could come! The book is wonderful!

Marsha said...

A quick note to tell you that my book has arrived and that I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is sooooo totally amazing and beautiful to look at. And I say this just from my FIRST pass through.
I can't wait to really get into it and start reading details....and PLANNING projectS!!
Gale, hold that head up high and stick you chest out with pride - you and Joan have done a MOST EXCELLANT job!!

Kay said...

Bless you my child for the excellent work photoshopping me in that first picture with young & luvly Erin.

I know you photoshopped it--don't deny it--because I look so dang attractive. It was a good hair day, granted, but obviously there has been work done of an electronic nature. I thank you! My chins thank you! Other removed features thank you!

I had a fab time obviously! The book is awesome! Your hands are awesome! And you did not! Talk! That! Much!

love, Kay

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I want to go on record as saying that you all are looking at Kay au naturel, despite her beliefs otherwise, there was NO photoshopping involved . You've still got it, baby!
(the lesson here is always surround yourself with a nice yarn store, and you're good to go).

Mary Lou said...

No I'm the hand model in this outfit!! With photoshopping, of course.

the Lady said...

Congratulations on your book, the event looks like it was fun! I borrowed it from a friend, and I Can't Wait to get my copy. Love the photos, love the stories, totally want to check out the yarns. Thank you for making it!