Saturday, February 02, 2008

who says nothing goes on in February

Some celebrated Groundhogs Day, some say it's the date to honor Brigid.
Around here, the first Saturday in February is always International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Shown: mint chocolate chip, with strawberries and whipped cream. Side bowl of whole grain yet sugary cereal not included.
In the Hebrew calendar we just celebrated the New Year for Trees, which I did nothing much for except (clumsy segue ahead) trying to keep the Tree of Warmth supplied for another couple of weeks. Gazillion hugs to all who knitted for this! It's been much appreciated in the community. When I stopped by the soup kitchen to add new knits this week, it was just about bare. I added one more hat from me.
pattern: improvised 2-1 rib over 64 stitches.
yarn: green dyed naturals from this dyeing bonanza, held double with a strand of unlabeled natural brownish grey (possible a Green Mountain Spinnery vintage skein), both are worsted weight
needles: size 9, but you 'd use 10, I knit loose
notes: Literally two hours to do this, woohoo big gauge. I started a scarf with this yarn and besides botching the pattern horribly, it was scratchy, so I ripped it out. Somehow in the ribbed hat and with the handling, it felt softer, I would happily wear it.


In other observances of the day,
Cara reminded me (well, not me personally , I read her blog just like you all) Feb 2nd is also (Silent) Poetry Reading Day in blogdom. This year I'm leaving you with a poem. It is by Kinereth Gensler. She was a special person in my life, a second-or-third-or-whatever cousin by marriage, a kindred soul. Each year I get out one of her books to post a poem on this date. I end up not posting but reading the whole book, getting all weepy missing her. I do believe this year I'm sharing.

The Law of Signs -- Kinereth Gensler

When you need a sign,
one will be given.
Anything becomes a sign,
even a fortune cookie,
that sweet sawdust.
The law arrives in a cocked hat,
white slip of a tongue
in the crooked mouth,
its words to be digested.
It will last long enough-
foretaste, taste, aftertaste-
to become addictive.
You go through many fortunes
waiting for the perfect fit
between the sign you seek
and the written message.


deborah oak said...

I LOVE THIS POEM! thank you! what a treat!!!

kathy in juneau said...

Oh man! You should have told us about "Ice cream for Breakfast Day" yesterday ... I'm sure everyone here would be happy to make that a tradition.

Archiknist said...

I'm sad to have missed ice cream for breakfast day! Maybe Russian Orthodox ice cream for breakfast day is still a couple of weeks away?

Also, I have some hats--2 for kids so far, but I might have another by Weds.

Mary Lou said...

International ice cream for breakfast day should not be in Feb, although it was about 25 degrees today at breakfast time. Still too nippy for ice cream to me. Great poem. I've trusted fortune cookies since I got a fortune when I live on the upper west side that said "happiness lies in a northwesterly direction" and here I am. Nowadays the fortunes in cookies seem to be more a form of scolding.

Carole Knits said...

How come my family doesn't have traditions like ice cream for breakfast day?

Sunflowerfairy said...

I have a feeling next year's first Saturday in Feb. ice cream extravaganza is going to be much, much more populated than this years was.

I like Oreo.

zippiknits said...

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is a lot more fun than watching a big woodchuck predict the weather. And, thanks for kindly sharing the poem from your kindred spirit. It is very beautiful.

Fortune cookie fortune: "Find a Hobby. It will relax your nerves". That points right to knitting for me.

kelli ann said...

as they say at the Dead Dog Café::

“Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs”

merci Gale-- and thanks for news about the on-going tree o' warmth! cheers