Sunday, December 03, 2006

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I decided to give my mom membership to a sock yarn club for her birthday this weekend. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? Well. Fishing around for where to join pulled up so many choices that, in the spirit of not wanting anyone else to kill half a day the season, I'll share my catch.
In case you want to dip your toes, kitchener'd or otherwise, into the same waters.

Options? We got'em. Clubs that close, clubs that have rolling enrollment, clubs with patterns, clubs that include cool indie craft items, clubs that send only handpainted, clubs that are only commercially produced yarn, clubs that let you choose the projects, clubs that offer mixed drinks....oh ,sorry, no margaritas and chips. But that'd be a good idea, wouldn't it? Join the cruise anyway.

Over There
Thanks to Emma for gettng me to think transatlantically!
She recommended Fyberspates in Wales. January-March you get a different sock yarn fiber each time. Lovely looking and how cool to receive a package from Wales -- unless of course you live in Wales in which case I'm sure the novelty is missing.

HipKnits in England is the membership my mom received. Why? Its a four month membership beginning whenever you sign up. The price is quite reasonable. The yarn is self-striping, and the patterns exclusive, it supports lots of indie yarn artists, and last but not least, its run by Kerrie Allman of MagKnits and I want to support her.
edited a year later to add: OK, the HipKnits sock club membership didn't work out exactly as promised, although after some delays, many emails and changes over at their business, my mom got some interesting and lovely yarns , so caveat emptor.

Its a good thing the Posh Yarn Socks Club is closed for the moment, because six months of a cashmere merino sock project arriving at the door is tempting me out beyond the budget buoys. Always good to be prepared for the future. Bookmark it.

You want Flexible?
Check out Spunky Eclectic's Clubs. Awesome handpaints, subscribe for as few or as many months as you wish. You can join for sock yarn or for fiber. Start anytime. Downside, no patterns included but she has some great designs posted on her site.

Original sock patterns come at you monthly from the Fiber Nooks and Cranny Sock Club, along with Opal sock yarn. You can see some of her past projects at the site. As many months as you like. This would be great for someone who likes simpler patterns. And Opal Yarn.

More variety and challenge over at Joslyns Fiber Farm Sock Club , flexible length of membership and its all their own yarns. Scroll through earlier months' kits and you'll see.
Holy K2 tog YO! They have a Shawl Club too. Its quarterly. Phew.

Another sock club or lace club choice is yours at MamaLlama's, handyed colorways that go with the seasons. You can sign up for a half year or full year, and you express color preferences within the range for each quarter. Options! Options are good.

Still more sock knitting challenges, Red Bird Yarn offers monthly or every other month sock clubs . You can tell her some preferences in color etc. All of the past months' kits are viewable so judge if its what you're interested in - the weights and styles vary a lot.

Amy Swensons Sockaholics Anonymous sock club is another join for one month or as many as twelve deal. Different yarns but only the good stuff, note that. Patterns included from Fiber Trends or her own. Niiiiiice. (Sorry, we can't stop doing Borat around here).

Many varied sock projects is sock club, another pay for as many months as you like deal. They have a link to past months for the curious. This one's great for someone who doesn't want to be in a rut. Sock wise, I mean.

Handpainted superwash merino DK weight sock yarn from Fancy Image Yarn club can come to you for 3, 6 or 13 months of membership. No patterns included but check out her colors and price, if you like heavier weight sock knitting.

At the PickUp Sticks Sock Club you have to pay a registration fee to join for 6 months, but you get some goodies for it. No new memberships till next month, though.

Closed For Now but You Can Get a Gift Certificate for Their Goods
Scouts Indie Swag Clubfilled up lightening fast, because her brillant handpaints packaged with a little something special from other indie craft artists is so perfect - but you can still give someone a gift certificate to the shop and they can put together a pairing for themselves. (Thanks for reminding me, Scout.) I have messenger bag and needlecase envy from browsing over there.

Sundaras Petals Collection Club is closed, and future uncertain. sigh. Custom dye orders always accepted.

Socks That Rock from The Blue Moon Fiber Club. Get on the list to be notified for signup. Pricey but with a devoted following.

Carole recommended MamaE's. There's not much there to see now but when you're a one woman show, the line between swamped and not busy is merely fingering weight. Ask me how I know. So check back, because Carole wouldn't steer us wrong!

A few final thoughts
The wide range of personal style of club owners is seen on their sites. The way your package gets presented each month will vary accordingly, and that's a biggie. I don't know about you but throw in interesting packaging or nice tissue paper or a little lagniappe.... or heck, even a bit of ribbon and a cool label and I'm yours.

I'm sure I missed a couple clubs but it wasn't a conscious act. I have no personal experience with any of these so I'm not endorsing them, but I am so tempted by them all. Let me know if you have more info.

And... if you're wondering, my mom LOVED her gift and is delighted to get yarn and a pattern from England monthly. She thought the overseas aspect made it even more fun and now she gets her wish to knit one pair of socks a month , at least through the winter.


Carole said...

I had no idea there were so many sock yarn clubs! Thanks so much for putting them all together in one spot, Gale.

Scoutj said...

Thanks for putting these all together in one place for everyone. And thank you for the kinds words...

HPNY Knits said...

that is some serious research! thanks for sharing. I also did not know there are so many. its good to know.
:-) we want to see mom's creations when she starts!

Wool Winder said...

Good to know. Thanks for scouting it out for us.

Jenn said...

What a great post. I can say that the Joclyn club is pretty bad..... but other than that, I haven't been a member of any.

Laura said...

That's all cool information to know! Who'd of thought there were so many to choose from!? Sounds like you make a great selection - I agree with the overseas ones being cool to receive. :)

kelp! said...

Thanks so much for this post! I only knew about a few of these, and it's great to have all this info in one place.

Chris said...

What a great review - there were more than I even realized...