Friday, December 01, 2006

hide & seek

I've been found.
In almost 2 years of this blog, no one who knows me knew of it.
I mean, I've met living breathing people, wonderful people, through the blog but my real living breathing family & friends weren't aware of its existence. Till this week when surfing around, friends came upon it. (hi josh! hi julie!) I've been outed.

It wasn't a big deal secret. Initially, my blogging thought was "wow this is such a nerdy thing to do, I'm going to quietly give it a try". Then after a while, I figured, who cares? and I never mentioned it. So when I announced over pizza to Dave and my 13 year old son that a friend found the blog and was amazed she hadn't known, they said....... " wow, that's nerdy."
Although I'm pretty sure it was said in admiring tones.

I've just sucked up gallons of time looking for a moderately priced half-year or every-other month sock yarn club to give as a present. The Sundara club is closed. The Blue Moon one only has the yearlong option. I'm loving Scouts Indie Swag club but I'm not sure the giftee would, and anyways, I think I'm too late for it. I want to keep it simple. Sock yarn. Any ideas? Send 'em quick, the birthday's tomorrow!


Carole said...

Didn't Mama E have a sock club? I don't know details but it might be worth checking on.

Emma said...

Fybrespates, in Wales. She's doing international membership. The yarn is great, fab colours and a good price.

Scoutj said...

YOu can get a gift certificate to my shop and they could pick out a few colorways? :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for saying hi to us! now that we know this blog exists we are having fun reading it. even though there's lots of stuff we don't understand. and you have my favorite puppet in the window picture posted here. we won't tell anyone else. but it's a really cool blog. not too nerdy, just right.