Monday, July 31, 2006

No Mo SloMo

I could tell you what happened to me in July if only I knew what it was. Not doldrums, not lack of inspiration, nothing bad or sad or nasty. I apparently went into slo-mo. I have unfinished blog entries that document the condition, but I'll spare you.

Instead I'll show this baby hat and booties.
baby Pattern for the hat is from AlterKnits, the booties are a basic Lion Brand pattern and in real life are the same size as each other, I am a bad stuffer. I'd choose a more refined pattern for the next pair. An aside: do not do a search online looking for "booty". Trust me. I love this yarn. The colors are wonderful, the feel is soft & spongey, all this from one skein with a bit left over, and the hat reminds me very much of the tie-dyed new mama its going to.

The house refilled with guys, the camping son returned with a gimp addiction "Mom, its just like you with the knitting. I can't stop when I'm sitting around"gimp

I managed to turn out one squoosh hat.squoosh Its KnitPicks Shine again. Love the stuff. I could be their poster child knitter. This specific hat didn't expand enough for the big headed friend it was supposed to cap, it was snapped up by another guy , so my squoosh backlog remains static. NO complaints, I like making these from time to time. Its nice to be appreciated by the sweaty teen boy herds. History of the squoosh hat here , toward the bottom of the post.

So if its productivity you're looking for, try the farmer's market.
produccomp Or my maybe next blog entry, I feel like the lethargy is lifted. Or maybe its the deadlines I have this week.........


kathy in juneau said...

Love the baby wear! And your market photos are gorgeous .. making my mouth water ..

Wool Winder said...

I really like the baby hat and the booties are adorable. I like the unrefined look. Reminds me of little elf shoes...just need pointy toes.

Karen said...

The hat and booties are great, love the colors. And the veggies look good too, nothing like fresh. Camp, kids, and gimp work, they just go togther.