Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I might be mitering

Many thanks for the dog sympathy, he's in decent shape, considering.
The incident, summed up in a letter from one son to his brother at camp:
"Gordo was attacked while I walked him. Pit bulls. He has his ass-meat sewn back on."
Would Hemingway be proud?

Lets move from ass-meat to yarnly pursuits, shall we?
More miters. Notice how few stick to the two color scheme. My un-Hemingway-esque tendencies to add more color and detail, revealed.

You'd think I'd have dozens additional, this week both my sons are gone. Its dashed my illusion that if only the guys weren't around all the time, I could catch up on work , the house'd be clean and stay that way, I'd reorganize my office, really get a ton of knitting done, go through the old clothes, finish that backyard landscaping project, make stuff (any stuff! lots o'stuff!), organize.

Not so much. I've been socializing, moving slowly, leaving dirty dishes in the sink (do not tell them! I am the dirty-dish police!) , we've been hanging out at the beach at dusk with wine...oh yeah, I remember, what we used to do 15 years ago before we were parents, what made me think we'd changed or grown? I'd like to tell you I'm off to do some of the productive things I just listed . Instead I set up some double parking out front,miternot3 I persuaded a friend to come over and go for a paddle and swim.

(later ) Look what she brought me, you know what we'll be doing at night for the rest of this week. miternot1At least I knit while I watch, except the killing parts where I need to cover my eyes . Bada BING!


Norma said...

LOL. I'm sorry, but that letter from your son is the BEST. You know, whatever gets them writing and whatEVER they write, it's just awesome. I'm just giggling like mad over here, over such a sad situation. Poor little guy. Damn those freakin' pitbulls. I want them OUTLAWED!

Karen said...

Yes pitbulls should definitely be outlawed. You're squares look great, my eyes didn't see the 3rd color at first. How wierd is that.

BeccaU said...

Love the look of your squares with that third color! I'm making a mental note of this inspiration for the squares I'm working on! Also, I'm very jealous that you have all those sopranos!!! Lucky gal! Such a great show!

kathy in juneau said...

Love the squares. Belated best wishes to your dog (they always look so pathetic wearing those collars, I just want to give him a snuggle). And, oh my god, I can't imagine both boys being gone for a week. I'm sure I'd spend the whole time trying to figure out what to do first!

kristinknits said...

glad to hear gordo & his ass-meat (hehe) are doing well. i am a sucker for a dog with a cone!

your miters are very pretty ... nice color choices!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Glad your "fur child" is doing well!!

When the kids and hubby are away my vote is for slovenly living, eating fast food and just generally vegging out....they'll be home soon and you'll have to go back to "living a good example"....Hee, Hee!! And what could be better than marathon Sopranos????

Carol said...

I'm glad doggie is doing well. It is always so stressful when the family pet is injured or sick. I know what you mean about not knitting as much as you thought. I have the same problem. I've been on vacation for 3 weeks and have very little to show for it. Sigh...

Carol said...

Ah and I forgot to say in my earlier comment, forget about banning the pitbull, lets ban the irresponsible owner! If we ban the pitbull, the bonehead owner will just get some other dog that is "tough" enough and the same thing will happen.

Anonymous said...

I have a pitbull and she is a sweet dog...would never hurt a fly...gets beat up by my sister's cat...they don't need to be outlawed bad dog owners need to be outlawed.