Friday, September 23, 2005

eye spy sky

So I was floating on my back late yesterday afternoon and thought, "Now this is some piece o' sky for Sandy."

Pretty good for coastal New England, on September 22nd, hey? I love September around here. The air feels great, the water is warmer and clearer than it was in summer, the jellies have left for ....wherever it is they go.

Thanks for all the comments on my MOAUFO (mother of all unfinished objects, see my last post below). You gave me a fresh look at the old project. I wish I could reply to comments. Blogger doesn't make it easy.

I decided a felted bag is the way to go. I'm not sure how it'll turn out. The good news is I'm not very discriminating when it comes to totage.

But how to do it? The knitting is directional. Simply making a horizontal fold and sewing it up won't work, half would be upside down. OK, maybe I am just a little discriminating.

First , after careful consideration I recklessly chopped off the ribbing on the bottom and started knitting a flat stockinette lower border that should become the base of the bag. moaufoEdge This may not have been strictly necessary but it never fails to amaze and entertain me that you can do this without having the whole thing unravel. detailFreaky.

I'm taking Nona's suggestion - or my interpretation of it - to knit a long strip that can become the end sides, felt the pieces and sew them together into a bag after cutting the large sweater back in half vertically, to form the main sides.

My plan is to felt the big back and the yet-to-be-knitted long strip,plans1
a friend assured me this'll shrink more in length than width, please felting mavens, tell me its so.

Once I cut them up & reassemble, a new bag will be mine. plans2 Acknowledging the serendipity of felting, and my inexperience with same, I may end up with the Mother of All Screwed Up Felted Totes . But I'm enjoying the path along the way.


Lauren said...

No, it will felt much more in length than width!

gale said...

That's what I meant to say, I switched it. Really. So, it gets shorter..right?

Sandysknitting said...

Look at you, floating and sharing sky! :) The water looks very inviting! And not crowded like in summer.
I love the bag/sweater idea!

Kay said...

Yes, it gets shorter.

I Love LOVE LOVE weird experiments like this. I'm guessing it will be fine and you will love it more than you can possibly expect. xoxo Kay