Saturday, August 13, 2005

buy more, whine less which we discuss, yet again, the downside of not buying enough yarn for a project and what happens later.......

We can really keep this to a show & tell, I think. The show: colorshrugs2

The tell: This is the arm of a shrug I'm knitting out of the softest, most wonderfully colored Cherry Tree Hill Farm supersock merino. The colorway is Wild Cherry. colors1Both balls.
One is from the initial purchase, the other from a second source, different dye lot. I'd like to have a good reason that I didn't buy enough in the first place. But then, I didn't care about the dye lot issue because I thought I was making a Kiri shawl and figured it'd just have a darker coordinating outer edge.

The Kiri and I parted ways over incompatible social habits . I like to talk, she wants silence and undivided attention. So needy, that shawl.

So I started a shrug. I decided to change the yarn ball at a spot I designated the elbow, making it a 3/4 length sleeve. Until a jury of extended family decreed that the shrugee (my sister) would really like it better full length, flaunting the flared ribbing over her hand base. Did they care that this ruined my attempt to make the color change in a way that made design sense, or that it added 5 extra inches of knitting to my plan for each sleeve? Naw.

I hope that adding a matching color-morphing sleeve and a back, along with some coordinating ribbon woven through the eyelets that you can't quite see on each wrist, will somehow pull this together.

And if not, let's just be thankful that I'm not a perfectionist and this sister has the delightful habit of loving and appreciating all handmade gifts, especially those that are quirky in some way.

I'd have knit more this week but considering where I was and some of the company I was in, can you blame me? people

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Lee Ann said...

That shrug is looking mighty smug, all draped on the fence like that...

I hate knitwear that says I told you so. But that colour is gawwwwgeous.