Friday, August 19, 2005

all in a day's work

Some days are weirder than others, I tell you.
people I've been working on a tourism gig, shooting assignments at locations to lure visitors to our state, showing people carefree and happy- while, of course, looking attractive in a real life kind of way. peopleCan you tell how tough a gig this is for my subjects ? Yesterday was at an old-fashioned family run amusement park. It was charming, and nostalgic and a loooong day. We did rides, waterpark, arcade, 4 clothing changes and since I'd recruited sons & friends as models, there was some -uh- - human resources management . ("yes! You have to do the roller coaster. Again! I need bodies in those cars..and try to keep your eyes open!") And a little creepy -people think of coming nose to nose with this as a toddler. Clown-phobia?

When I got home, I found our pet russian tortoise still ailing. The treatment recommended : a daily bath in tomato paste. I'm the only family member up for this project. We feel terribly guilty, this pet is supposed to live over 100 years and here we are knocking him off after only 15 or so. We ended up with him as a fluke but still, I hate to have a dead exotic reptile on my watch.

In knitting news, I was waiting for 15 minutes in public and pulled out my shrug in progress. A stranger commented"ooh, you must be a saint, knitting with such skinny yarn". Having been a Nice Jewish Girl all my life, I didn't know what to say. I'm pretty sure I'm not a sainthood nominee, but let's say IF I was, shouldn't it be for something better than merino fingering weight yarn?


wenders said...

I love this picture with the giant chicken and Ferris Wheel. What, exactly, is the chicken? Part of a sign, a ride...? And you are brave to have an agenda at an amusement park. :)

Happy thoughts to the pet, too...

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Your photos were so pretty they made me want to go to California. ;-)
As for being a saint... people seem to have been lowering their standards. Could you settle for being an angel? A Polish/ Mexican/ Jewish friend of mine says that in spite of no afterlife there are angels... What do you think?

Ann said...

Gale, I just love your photographs. Just love 'em.

And I meant to send along my condolences back when Kiri went south earlier in the summer. I think it probly would have opened up considerably when you blocked it, but if it was making you crazy, it was making you crazy. There is no dread greater than the looming suspicion that a project is not going to end up the way you thought it would.