Tuesday, May 24, 2005

this, that & some sheep

First up the book swap : we have a go! The blogless Susanne will soon be cabling with Alice Starmore. In 4-7 days, I'm told. Her copy of Scarf Style is heading to my happy home. I recommend this swap thing. I gave a thought to Ann's suggestion that Starmore is a keeper for my library. Flipping through the harbor scenes and remembering all the times I'd considered knitting the fishermen's guernseys, and what yarn I'd considered........... Nah. Off it went.

Life has been getting in the way of my knitting. Which, truly, is better than the reverse. But, still. My Clapotis has maybe 20 minutes of knitting left to go on it. Sadly, it'll be making its debut at the funeral of someone I'm going to miss very much, my mother-in-law. I don't want to say more except, if you smoke? And you enjoy it even though you know its not good for you? And its really hard to quit so you put it off for the month, or the year, or the decade? Just quit now.


I've made valiant efforts to get yarn for a new project - something sleeveless and cottony- but the weirdly limited hours of yarn stores are thwarting me. (ooh, thwart, a candidate for the Nake-Id word list ) . I've been thwarted three times since Friday.
- leisure time activity? Need to have the stores open more leisure time hours. Its a thought!


Jan said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. Although my Dad gave up a three-pack-a-day habit cold turkey, I have a friend who is truly addicted, despite continual attempts to refrain. I'm glad I never started.

Looking forward to seeing your finished Clapotis.

Ann said...

Gale--Very sorry to hear about your loss. Jon's mom died five years ago, and mine twenty, and every day I have some question I wish I'd asked them. So frustrating!