Sunday, March 13, 2005

oinkers on wing

Its March, its still snowing. We're watching out for flying pigs. Why? Unprecedented and surprising behaviours , submitted for your perusal:

  • Reason #3. Matching storage boxes.
    While cleaning out the Extra Room to get ready for a guest, I discovered the urgent need for a lamp. We have almost no lighting fixtures in this house. Floor lamps keep moving around and disappearing. An eleventh hour trip to Ikea yielded illumination and a set of matching boxes to store yarn in. Why the sudden urge to do this? No idea. I've been storing yarn in an unattractive collection of old tote bags and large zip locks for years. Ever since moths got into the attractive open baskets I used to use......shudder....can we not talk about the moth incident?

  • 2. Reason #2 Really dumb mistakes on a simple pattern. My Ribby Cardi is taking longer than it should. Apparently my ability to knit, talk & drink coffee at the same time is impaired. For the past two Sundays, while meeting friends for coffee, I've made big honking mistakes. One on each front, not noticed till 20+ rows later. Yesterday's was doing the armhole decreases in reverse stockinette, a move so dorky you really have to wonder.

  • 1. The # 1 reason why pigs will fly: Dave & I are going away together for a trip. Alone. Just the two of us. For the first time since becoming parents 14 1/2 years ago. Despite my desparate need to see something green outdoors, on the weekend we're heading north to Montreal. I'd say something clever and very happy in French here but my vocabulary is tres challenged.

  • What to knit enroute. I've just cast on the two Ribby Cardi sleeves. I'll put them aside and work on that Torgeir until I leave, so I can do the Cardi sleeves in the car. I've been simmering the idea of a spring Clapotis . Its irresistible, its French and I'm heading to Quebec, I should start it there. D'accords?

    Any yarn store recommendations in Montral? I found this one's description intriguing, Magasin de Fibre, they sell yarn by the pound and custom ply it for you. Has anyone been there?
    Here are my Clapotis yarn wishes:
    1. Cost $30. or less total
    2. Be sort of smooth with a little sheen- maybe a yarn with cotton & silk blended in it. Maybe even no (gasp) wool.
    3. Match this color palette of a hike we took to spy on wintering seals yesterday afternoon.

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    Ann said...

    I'm using Blue Heron Yarns Mercerized Cotton for a shawl right now. Delish! $31 for 1050 yards of subtly changing hand-dyed yarns. Blows your budget by a buck, but hey--you're WORTH it.