Thursday, May 21, 2020

3 things: Talking About Knitting

1) Martinique Shawl in Liana from Berroco Yarn.
This from a photo shoot last September, when we soldiered through dozens of spring yarn designs in autumn, and tried to give a summery feel. At the time, with fall winds whipping, I wasn't sure we hit the mark fully. 
Months later I go online and see the release, and I fool even myself!  Summmmerrrrrrr. I am so ready for summer beach life, even 6 feet away from my friends. We did a trial last weekend and it worked .
 This yarn is a water-color-y linen in  dk weight, this is exactly how I'd want to use it.
Also, I adore the model, Frances.

2) I've left this MDK Field Guide coin project as my Zoom knitting. That's a category I never thought I'd need!  I don't do a tremendous amount of Zooms, thankfully, maybe 1-4 a week.  And when I do, this is  my happy-inducing companion.  I look forward to the end of quarantine-based Zoom calls but I do not look forward to ending this addictive tubular may be really really long by next winter. That's all I'm saying. 

 3) That ShannaJean Cowlette is fini!   In the home stretch I surprised myself with two realizations. First, I was not tired of making bobbles*. Not even in the very long bobbled bindoff.  Something about the stabbiness of creating them matches my mood during Covid stay-at-home in a lovely stitch-to-moment ratio. Enough said on that topic, eh? 
The second realization? It's so not my style! I don't know when/where/if  I'll wear this.**  Somewhere along the last third of it, still enjoying the process, I had the cold clear light of day realization that it isn't me, at all. I love the colors and the yarn.  I have no regrets about the making.  Maybe for teaching at a knitting event?  I'll let you know....

* bobbles: I knit backward to make them, if I had to turn the work around, that'd be the dealbreaker.
** Above, I tried styling it in the only way I can imagine wearing it, with  a denim or chambray top. I didn't notice that I flipped the edging in every shot. I am never too professional to make rookie mistakes!


Bonny said...

Martinique is lovely, especially in dk linen; Coins looks like the happy, colorful kind of project that you might even be a little sad to come to the end of knitting, and the blue in the cowlette is stunning. I like talking about knitting!

Vicki Knitorious said...

I love that Martinique Shawl! I've Zoomed a few times but knitting isn't my favorite thing to do... I found a cross-stitch kit that one of the kids gave me a while back and I'm going to try that next time.

Carole said...

The Martinique shawl is gorgeous! And that coins scarf is going to be epic and it will go with literally everything - hopefully that makes up for not loving the cowl.

Meditations in Motion said...

That cowlette is so pretty. Love those blues. Too bad it's not your style!

SJ said...

Knitting backwards is such a great hack for bobbles -- all that turning is usually a deal-breaker for me! Really love how your coins scarf is knitting up.

cal patch said...

my brain honed right in on that crochet edging on the top shawl! so pretty. i know that feeling of finishing something only to realize it's not "you". DEVASTATING! glad to see you are still going with your Three Things!

Kym said...

So much loveliness in those projects. :-) I knit lots of things that are SO not me. Because, as it turns out, knitting for ME means knitting in rather dull colors and lots of dull stockinette or maybe a super-subtle texture. And that gets kinda boring. And these days, I can't imagine needing anything even remotely "fancy." But I say hold on to that bobbled shawl! Because it's too cool to hide away! (And who would've dreamed we'd be Zoom-knitting so much . . . )

AsKatKnits said...

Zoom Knitting is the new thing everyone wants to do! (however teaching someone to knit via Zoom... not so much! lol)

I love your coins! Those colors! Yum!