Wednesday, August 16, 2017

giveaway WINNER : and more rhyming

We've got a winner of the Euroflax yarn and Kollage needles to make a Pompano Tank.
Thank you all for visiting & leaving your comments! Come back again!
Meanwhile some rather fabulous rhyming went on in the comments, in case you missed it:
Doreen from further north said:
I'd be glad to knit this lovely tank,
What if I can't in just one hank?
I'll use two even if it means ripping,
I'm from Canada, but I'd be glad to pay shipping.

gratuitous Nash Island lamb photo
some Jill Draper Makes Stuff : always delish
while Unknown (who really deserves better credit than that)said:

Though I love knitting things at the beach
The Louet yarn is out of my reach
If perchance I should win
I shall have to begin
And thank Gale and Kirsten once, each.

  I wish I had more than one package to send out. Thanks again to Louet NorthAmerica


Amanda said...

Congrats Susan, and thanks again for hosting the give-away.

I like the tank pattern so much that I got Drop Dead Easy Knits, and will have to hunt through the old stash to see what will work.

And if Susan R doesn't get back to you, my middle name is Susan. You know if you need a back-up. Just saying . . .

AsKatKnits said...

Congrats to Susan!! And, I am with Amanda - I am tossing the stash to find something that will work for the tank!