Friday, October 14, 2016

what it's all about: rhinebeck style returns

Bringing it back!  Years may change but the feeling is still the same. (I'm humming As Time Goes By here). Although everyone talks about shopping and eating at the festival, what the weekend in Rhinebeck is really all about? Is putting on all your knits, flying that fiber freak flag and being amongst your people.

Whether you are heading for the Dutchess County Fairgrounds and the NY Sheep & Wool Festival * this weekend, or you are knitting on a beach in the southern hemisphere (and if you are, good on you!) or busy with work, family, and life demands.....enjoy!  Happy sweater gawking!

Feel free to embed this video wherever you want. I like to share it.

 * so, if you are going to be at the festival- do come by Barn B where the books are,  and check out Drop Dead Easy Knits, squeeze the trunk show, say hi,  and get a signed copy from Kirsten Kapur, Mary Lou Egan and me.  We will be there on Saturday from 10-11:30, and from 4-5, as well as on Sunday from 10-1, we'd love to meet you. Check us out! 

Upcoming this week
Tuesday Oct 18th 4-6pm (or so) booksigning party & trunk  show at Knit New Haven  in CT

Thursday Oct 20th 6-8pm slide talk, trunk show and booksigning at Knitty City in NYC!


Kathryn said...

And now you've returned the earworm favor with "Freak Flag!" Love that song, love that show. :-) Have fun at Rhinebeck!

Ellen Bloom said...

OH! Everytime I see this video I pledge to one day attend Rhinebeck! It looks SO wonderful!! Thanks for the reminder. I'll start saving my sheckels for next year!

Luni said...

The video is wonderful, Gale. I will be sure to buy the book version, mostly because I so enjoyed seeing how many patterns and people I recognized. I haven't been to Rhinebeck (yet) but I have been to MDSW, VKLive and many small local festivals. Although I understand why there are complaints that the photos change too quickly, I have to make the point that the speed actually adds to the rendering of the fiber fest experience, where time is limited and people pass by quickly.

Rose Horton said...

Missed seeing you three, but bought the book there anyway, and can't wait to dive in!