Monday, December 08, 2014

FO monster monday

Finished just in time for the cold weather:  Monster Cowl . Started last winter, tucked away when I hadn't finished by spring. I love this chevron stitch, it's gently hypnotic to knit. I was chugging on merrily, when I noticed the pattern suggested stopping to kitchener it at 45", warning of blocking growth. ooops! I was closing in on 50". No worries. I love the size.
Excuse the, ummm, styling, or lack thereof. It was an impromptu photoshoot. Want some details? 
pattern: Monster Cowl by Julia Allen.
yarn: Shepherds Wool from Stone Hedge Fiber Mill in Michigan
needles: US 9
finished size: after blocking, about 54" in length around, and 7.5" wide
notes: so obviously, one edge is going to be nice and neat and the other, the side where you change colors,  is going to have the yarn carried up along it.  I'll fess up to sometimes forgetting to properly wrap the working yarn around the one lying fallow for that row. 
(oh man. I just fell down this grammar rabbit hole and I am still not sure if I used the past tense of lie correctly or if maybe it should have been laying). 
Where was I? 
Oh yeah, my less-than-neat edge. Before blocking, it was messy enough to considering covering with icord all around,  or maybe a row of crochet. Afterwards, it settled in A-OK. Don't you love well behaved yarn?
This was so satisfying to knit that I may cast on for one as a gift for someone I like who admired it repeatedly in that kind of way. I've already cast on for a coordinating hat. Those skeins are generous at 250 yards each.  Not the Monster Hat- that would be too matchy for me --but using the rest of the yarn held double for a bulky hat.
What are you knitting this fine frosty morning? 
(and if it's not frosty where you are? well......)


Mary Lou said...

I do like that Shepherd's Wool. I have wound the two skeins I own, and am pondering what to do with them. More cowl-bell?

Ellen Mason said...

Lie, lay. I worry about that too. I do know how to direct the dog properly.
That lovely cowl lies beautifully around your shoulders, btw.

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

Very nice - and timeous too seeing the weather!

margene said...

Wish we had weather cold enough to wear a cowl! Your going to be warm and fashionable this winter!

Jodi said...

The colors looks so beautiful together! I knit my husband a scarf out of Shepherd's Wool a few years ago and he loved wearing it -- super soft and cozy. Great wool at a great price.

Cookie said...

Love it!

twinsetellen said...

That first photo is adorable of both you and cowl. It tells the story of someone happy in their handknit.