Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Natalie Chanin detail. Love her ideas, designs, and her hair .
Belatedly:  a truly extraordinary evening in NYC not long ago. It was an evening of conversation between Natalie Chanin (Alabama Chanin) and Ashley Christensen, the 2014 James Beard Award winning chef.  I know?!  Stepping outside my admittedly roomy box in this fashionable crowd.  Part of Makeshift 2014, held at The Standard, in the penthouse, on a perfect spring evening.
from the Alabama Chanin website "MAKESHIFT began three years ago as a conversation about the intersection of the disciplines of design, craft, art, fashion, and DIY—and, on a bigger level, using this intersection as an agent of change in the world. Since then, we’ve explored making as individuals, and how making as a group can open conversations and build communities."
Right up my CraftActivism alley. *  There were goody bags with needle, thread, templates, sharpies and fabric, because you know how you can listen better while you are making. And, piemento cheese, from Ashley.  Natalie taught finger knitting with  the strips of her cotton jersey, and then they led a discussion. 
Ashley Christensen on the right. Keep an eye on her. wow.
The crowd was heavily indigo-ed and good looking.

You'd have to be a robot not to love NYC on a spring night like this.
* I had to throw in that little toot for CraftActivism, because it all is of a piece with the conversation. We interviewed Natalie Chanin, and she is quoted in the book, and I thought , at the time, she seemed very cool.  I admit it wasn't till this year that I have fallen, and fallen hard, for her design and whole aesthetic. There will be stitching this summer!


Lee said...

NYC certainly is pretty in those photos. As for the attractive crowd, my son (newly moved to Manhattan) claims that all New Yorkers are good-looking and well-dressed. :)

Lori ann said...

good grief gale, are you sure you don't need an assistant or something?! oh the things you do. and the people you meet! natalie chanin! this is right up your alley, with your fabulous book. i've been really inspired to stitch too, if i could only put down my knitting needles....

congratulations to ashley christensen too!

margene said...

Because of VIcki's love of AC I too have fallen for her designs and the idea of crafting clothing. I want to start an AC project this summer, too!

Mary Lou said...

That robot picture is hilarious! What fun, and such a beautiful evening. You are a mover and shaker these days! Mind if I tag along..