Monday, January 06, 2014

gravity of color: lulu cowl

Happy 2014! Instead of  waiting for the  "start as you mean to go on" thing , I got a jump on my resolutions- if you insist on calling them that- in December.  Like, finishing projects.  It has been a march down FO Boulevard, a road that keeps on going.  My other intentions are to put things away as I use them, and keep the kitchen table clear. * Oh yeah , and keep moving** . And do more yoga.  .
One of the finished:  my sister Lulu's cowl, gifted to her last month.A a field trip to the New Britain Museum of American Art, to see the Maruice Sendak exhibit  gave us a chance to shoot it.
Also, gave us this perfect backdrop, an installation entitled The Gravity of Color made entirely of paper and plastic cups , by Lisa Hoke. It's breathtaking in person, so unexpected. I wouldn't normally choose an intensely colored and textured background but we both felt it the minute we saw it.
This cowl is my own design--to the extent that I can say that --I mean,  it's basically granny square stripes in the round, with big picot edges. Lulu dropped by the day I was blocking the last Big Ass Granny blanket and  wanted something granny too, but to wear around her neck at work. Further, she wanted it to be very colorful, in her colors,  to make a conservative blue jacket she'd just bought more handcrafty and artsy/funky looking.
Specific enough?  Anyhoo, she loves it.   And I love when someone loves what I make for them, don't you?  It came out about 6 1/2 " wide (including the edging) and about 72" in circumference. Lulu is even shorter than I am--she's a bit over 5 feet-- if that gives you  some perspective for the photo on top.
I used mostly worsted weight yarns, partial skeins: Cascade 220, Cascade Eco wool,  Brown Sheep Lambs Pride,  Berroco Ultra Alpaca , Berroco Peruvia and  some Aruacania that I seem to never ever ever ever run out of. And finally some handspun that Rebecca Hatcher gave me in a yarn swap.  All told it weighs about 600 grams, which is (I think , I'm a little sketchy at this) is about 1000-1100 yards.
It totally does the job of de-preppifying the blue jacket. Goal met.
Next I hope I'll be show you my finished Shellseeker. I have been wearing it so much that it already looks like a legacy sweater,. You would think a  professional photographer would have someone to help her get a decent sweater shot, wouldn't you? 

Meanwhile will I see you at Vogue Knititng live in NYC on the 17th or 18th? My Friday morning class is getting pretty full (if not full up) but the noon lecture, which is a fun one hour romp through  tips & tricks to your photos, is still open ( unlimited in size).
...and now the footnotes>>>>>>>>>
*keeping my kitchen table clear sounds like a metaphor but I mean it literally. It is in the dead center of the first floor of our house, in an open space, and everyone including me drops stuff on it as they pass by. Drives me nuts.
** Fitbit. My little friend/tyrant.  Recommended.

I am going to start replying to comments in the comments--after all these years, a little change for the new year!


Lori ann said...

oh my goodness gale! your sister lulu is gorgeous! the cowl is gorgeous and your photos, GORGEOUS.
how fun!! wish so much i were coming to the city (i'd love to take photos of you in your sweater!), not this time though :(

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cowl and super photos!

Mary Lou said...

Hmmm I might think about making one of those. I just finished two grey cowls, and I feel positively monk-like now. Glad that Shellseeker is finished and being worn. Pictures, yes.

And putting things away is on my list, too.

Anonymous said...

I adore this cheerful cowl!

maryse said...

ooh i love that cowl! it's perfect!

Lee said...

How beautiful--both Lulu and the cowl! And the shots. :) Can't wait to see you soon.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yippee! Granny Gorgeous! You've done it again, Gale! Nice work, excellent photos. Lulu looks great!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Thanks for your compliments, you all! Maryse & Ellen, you two are my Granny Instigators. I never make crochet without silently thanking you for egging me on when we were working on CraftActivism together. So addictive, it is.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Lori, be glad you won't be in NY this month, so crazy cold! I wisg you could take my picture though, when I was getting frustrated with my lack of self-documentation, I was thinking of how beautfully you always show your knits.
(and anyone who doesn't know her, check out Lori's blog )

kayT said...

No wonder your sister loves the cowl; she looks FANTASTIC in it. Really gorgeous, both the knitting and the wearer. Home run.

Jan (jcoop on ravelry) said...

Wow, both cowl and pix are so gorgeous. I know what you mean about that table. I have a table like that in my dinning room--too near the front door to keep cleared. Can't wait to see what your Shellseeker looks like. Love that color.

Hope your new year is off to a happy start! Sending best wishes from northern Ohio!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Project Clear Table is actually coming along decently. Next up its corallary: get that stuff off the chairs next to the table. Baby steps, people!

craftivore said...

Love the cowl, it's so fun, and your sister looks so happy, success!