Thursday, August 22, 2013

cardi weather on the horizon

Let's whiplash this blog north, way north, to Maine. When I was up there helping/hindering the Nash Island sheep roundup & shearing, I was awed by the landscape.  There's a point where the flora & light change dramatically Down East. It's rougher, and rawer, and makes your jaw just drop.
Enroute to Starcroft Fiber Mill, we passed through acres of blueberry barrens. They were budding, it being June.  In the late afternoon golden sun, there was the intense vibration of blueish/purplish fields, contrasting with the light. I wanted to scream STOP the CAR! But I waited till we arrived, said our hellos and then quickly doubled back before the light was gone.
 It's so funny how we humans react to our environment. I NEEDED to make photos , and Ellen? Handstands! Isn't that the best  joyful pose?
Magically, she had her Mary Rebecca sweater along, was wearing the blue smock top, and obviously, although totally impromptu, we had a smashingly perfect photo shoot right then and there. Not coincidentally, I am overcome with the wish to knit cardigans. Is it just me? I keep seeing cardis that would be keys to my sweater happiness.
If you're not familiar with Ellen's designs, and style, you should check her out. She's Odacier (that's Oday-cee-yuh), her patterns are pretty wonderful--modern but with a fun vintage feel. I keep telling her she needs to be WAY MORE BRAGGITY about her work. She's been making a dress and cardi a month all year and damned if watching this come together isn't edging me close, so close, to cranking up the old sewing machine. Check her out on Pinterest, you maydevelop the same urge.
at Ellen's house
You'll find Ellen leading a class on dyeing, and running a mentored dye tent (drop in and dye) at Fiber College of Maine September 4-8th, very soon!--where I'll also be teaching. My offerings are an all day blog improvement class with writer Beverly Army Williams, and I'm offering one-on-one Photo Clinic for Fiber Folks: 30 minute private sessions to solve a photo challenge of your choosing--bring your knits, or bring your alpaca on the hoof,  and we'll figure out how to shoot'er just right. 


Lori ann said...

i LOVE this cardigan, the style and color! you are right, ellen is too modest. i'm off to follow your links.
beautiful pictures!

Mary Lou said...

She i tot modest. Her designs are gorgeous. Can't wait to see her and you!

Ellen Mason said...

Hey! Y'all are the best! Can't wait to see you, it is going to be gobs of fun.

Lee said...

Sigh. If wishes were horses...I'd be ridin' to Maine. Hope you both have loads of fun.

Starcroft said...

do you know what those barrens do in the autumn? they turn crimson red! come, stay, bring your camera! see you soon at Fiber College!

twinsetellen said...

Come visit me! I can offer paper towels in the bathroom! And white wine, didn't I mention the white wine?