Tuesday, May 21, 2013

warm welcome webinar wayfarers!

Yesterday Interweave announced my upcoming June 5th webinar :  Photographing Your Knits. poof ! walla ! and ta-da!, I have never had so many visitors here.
Not even that time I was giving away 4 pounds of Starbucks coffee! (Though that was pretty cool,  right?)

Not even right after Shear Spirit came out, and all the sheepy/goat/alpaca folk I'd met in my farm visits and travels came to call.
1008Mewmex_  0325
crias at Victory Ranch in Mora New Mexico

Not even the times my work with the Red Scarf Project /Foster Care to Success got all linked  (you know about the Red Scarf project? If not please take a peek )
The blog's been here for eight years, so browse around and welcome to my world.
a rare appearance by Dave, who appreciates the handknits but models reluctantl
I hope you sign up for the webinar. I got hip to webinars last year.  A webinar is essentially watching a live (or, recorded live) slide talk presentation, with me chatting but your monitor filled with images (photos!). You can type in questions that the moderator , the Knitting Daily Empress Kathleen Cubley,  will ask me, and I'll answer, either during the slide talk or immediately after. I won't rush off, and the scheduling is flexible. The cool thing is you can watch as little or as much as you wish, and then come back and watch the rest--or watch it again. I cram in a lot of helpful tips, so the ability to re-visit is awesome.
an image from Craft Activism, a good example of a simple way to shoot handmade..and a favorite of mine, shot at granny square goddess Ellen Bloom's house in LA. I heart granny squares, and Ellen is to blame.
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My commercial website is Gale Zucker Photography. Plenty of sheep shots there, too. 


Ellen Bloom said...

How VERY exciting for you, Gale! Your class is gonna sell out, for sure! LOVE seeing my granny pillows and 'ghans on the big screen! Thanks!

gayle said...

I first found you when Norma first posted about your work with Red Scarf. (Oh, so many years ago!) I've been lurking here ever since, enjoying your photos immensely.
Happy webinarring!

Jan (jcoop on ravelry&twitter) said...

Oh goodie, now I can take another class from you!

Mary Lou said...

Sharing this info all around!!

Anonymous said...

Dave is a cute model.

TLady said...

LOVELY BLOG!!!!!! Your chicken looks JUST A LITTLE perturbed! :) He's SUPER CUTE!!!!!!! :)I JUST posted some knitting today, on my blog! WISH I had found you earlier!!!!!!! :)

Lori ann said...

best post title! and what a class this will be!

(i missed the coffee giveaway?) :)

Lori ann said...

oops forgot to say i LOVE the alpaca photo!