Friday, April 26, 2013

let's talk project page...

I say not to judge a book by its cover, or wine by its label, but do I live it? Ummm..NO.  First glance is what catches me. Content next. No mildly snazzy impression? I'm gone. Buhbye. Especially on your Ravelry projects page.
Above is mine. Please ignore that I haven't finished what was to be my all-purpose-winter-sweater. {cough, moving on, cough}
 Here's a friend's. Not naming names...unless you recognize her gorgeous knitting. Thar be some empty squares!  And she truly is an awesome knitter. If only you could see. Familiar?

 Unlike photo shoots  for clients, or book projects or pattern releases,  my Ravelry Projects photos are not big productions at all. A couple of minutes of effort plus a teeny bit of planning, a good crop. Ta-da. That's it.

  Which is why my friends at Knit New Haven invited me to teach a workshop on this very topic:
Photography for Your Ravelry Projects
Sunday May 5th 10-1:30
Knit New Haven (New Haven* CT)
call tor stop in to register in advance  (limited space)  203-777-KNIT

This will be fun--well, I try to make all my classes fun, and usually succeed- but with our goal all being the same, we can play with color, composition, backgrounds and I will have a wonderful model there just to pose with your FO's--so everyone can leave with a few of their squares filled in.
We will spend a bit of time, too, on easy photo editing using online (no cost) software, so you can goose those images and make them fly. 
You can work with a Point & Shoot, a DSLR or even, shutthefrontdoor, your Iphone.
See you there? 

* New Haven has a handy train station, if you want to make this a day trip to join us, jump on the MetroNorth.  I'll get you  a ride over to the shop and back to the station later, close by.

See my other classes coming up, a Photo Safari at The Village Knitter on May 18th, and a 3 session class at Webs starting May 16th...and then Fiber College and Rhinebeck in the fall. Check the listings here.


Ellen Bloom said...

I wish I could just hop on a train and take this class, Gale! It sounds great! My fave new free photo-editing site is There are lots of free features and even more if you want to upgrade and pay a bit! Have fun at the class.

Mary Lou said...

Whew, that's not my page!

patriceod said...

What Mary Lou said. Wish I could come, because it sounds like such a great workshop!