Friday, April 13, 2012

flying (but not) home

Sometimes the stars align. Like yesterday,  I found I could spend a couple of hours in tiny Arlington Tennesee with a Jerusalem-based photographer friend who's in the US this week. We picked the meeting place solely by its spot on the map, halfway between where I needed to be later and where she could drive to. Could have been a bad choice but ,no.
It was the perfect setting to shoot  my Flying Home shawl .Yes, this is how I wear lacy shawls. Love this shawl.  Debbi is not a knitter but she made my FO portrait.
For two photographers, this little town was heaven. Abandoned agriculture/ industry buildings!  We're suckers for some rusty tin.
Also, a large old dry good & feed store now filled with antiquey/flea market stalls. If only I were wasp-waisted,this is what you'd have seen me wearing to the Arkansas Literary Fest authors' cocktail party tonight. Instead, I was woefully underdressed. As usual.
Zoe can thank me some day for not leaping on this find. There were a lot of vintage sewing patterns, too.
A couple hours later, I walked into the very welcoming  Hank Of Yarn in Southaven MS. Don't you want to just pull up a chair? And yes , those are The KnitGirllls Leslie & Laura spinning right there. They took my class! Just as warm and friendly as they are online. I had a surreal moment sitting across from them at a booth for dinner. There they were, in the same order as on their video cast, finishing each others' sentences in the same charming way. It was as if they'd popped out of my monitor and landed at a sushi covered table.
Here's Hank herself, caught on the phone. If this is your LYS you are very lucky indeed.
Detail of Flying Home, in Breathless from Shalimar Yarns. Everything about this pattern is just right, except for my less-than-stellar blocking.  But don't let that stop you from knitting one.
Still a couple of seats left at Yarn Mart on Sunday afternoon for the Photo for Knitters Workshop in Little Rock! Also we did some practice crafting and planning - it seems the noon yarnbombing at Lit Fest is going to be amazing. Come by and say hi.


LaLa said...

We had such a wonderful time in your class and hanging out with you! Safe travels home!

Lori ann said...

lovely portrait gale, great you had it done. a gorgeous knit too, the color is stunning. love those surreal moments. :)

Jenn said...

What a great portrait, and the shawl is beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful day!

Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! What a fun trip! LOVE the "Flyin' Home" portrait of you, Gale! I know what you mean about rusted tin. I just photographed this years potholders against a rusted tin wall background!

gayle said...

So is your next editor going to question why you want to do the photo shoot in Arlington, Tennessee?

Ellen Mason said...

Welcome home! I'm guessing you have an enormous suitcase ... and a good deal of laundry to do.

twinsetellen said...

What a rich and gorgeous portrait of you and the shawl! Of course, the photographer had good material with which to work.

Belinda said...

Gale, you should SO have bought that baby book!