Saturday, February 25, 2012

recent acquisitions

Heads up: workshops coming up soon, limited spaces, more listings here 
• March 2 Tarrytown NY Photo Bootcamp for Crafters & Etsians 10-1
• March 17th Photo for Knitters at Wildfiber in Santa Monica/LA 2:30-5:30
• March 20th Photo Safari for Knitters in Santa Barbara CA at Loop & Leaf, 10-1
• and if you're a member of the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers, March 17 & 18
When I packed up after the fun Craft Activism show & tell  & booksigning at the library in Madison CT last weekend (such a great knitting crowd they have there), I was invited to pop by the LYS around the corner. Since I have good manners, and, um, it's a yarn store? I said yes. I'd been there before, it was a sweet little shop.
 I didn't know it had changed hands a few months ago and now Madison Wool is MadWool,
owned by Dayna, aka The Crafty Scientist, an artyarn spinner, crafter and purveyor of the handmade, handspun, handdyed, and excellently curated commercial yarns too. The little cottage has a newly added room for classes , and is bursting with Things I Want to Touch and Make. I recommend a visit or three, they are open on Sundays. Do I hear field trip from you?
I broke one of my personal yarn rules: absolutely no single souvenir skeins. See this stunning Shalimar Breathless ? It's fingering weight wool, silk & cashmere.  I reversed some of my rule-breaking damage by winding and casting on immediately for Kat Coyle's new shawl Flying Home.
Yes, you can judge a shop by its sign. Yarnbombing!!!
  I feel so spoiled. I have Knit New Haven as my wonderful clubhouse LYS and now,  slightly further but still handy, a shop to revel in the handspun. Must get busy with them needles!


gayle said...

Fingering weight is sock yarn. Sock yarn doesn't count. We've all agreed...

kat coyle said...

you are strict, i'm glad you indulged for some yarn and ahem: flying home:)

glad to see you are teaching at wildfiber!

Mary Lou said...

Seriously? No souvenir single skeins? But if it's sock yarn, that's all you need. Nice color.

Jan (jcoop on ravelry) said...

Wow, that is going to be a beautiful shawl! Photography Safari--what a a great term, especially in conjunction with any kind of fiber event. I wish you were conducting on for the Great Lakes Fiber Show ( ). I'm starting to get to know folks in the newish Ohio Natural Fiber Network, so will put in a good word.

Dayna said...


The shawl looks amazing! I knew you would love Shalimar Breathless. Thanks for the lovely write up and photos and stopping in after your talk. Please do come by some Sunday you are in the area and pull up a chair to knit/spin or weave...or just drink chilled hard cider like we do on Wed nights:)