Monday, December 12, 2011

goods & curiousities

Around here, darkness is landing with a cold thud mid-afternoon. Even if you don't celebrate the major holiday happenings in all their green and red and santa clausness, it's pretty easy to be charmed by twinkly Essex CT. (Did I mention pubs?)
along Main Street Essex
 Even for someone like me, a reluctant shopper. So, this week's photo heavy Monday: a visit to the Goods & Curiousities Store at The Griswold Inn.

It's full of cool stuff. These things for example? They look like little sculpted/carved paperweights (what do we need to weigh down, anyway?) but they're made of graphite. You draw with them.
That's sister Lulu on the right, by day she's the Director of Retail operations at The Gris.*  And on the left, Ann Weaver of Weaverknits, indie designer and knitter, on day 3 of an intense east coast book tour. Which might be why she looks slightly crazed. She's really not. You can see my Craft Activism presence to the left.
Ann & I had a showroom upstairs from the shop for the day.She brought knit kits,and handknits, I brought photos and cards. We both had books, samples ,and a lot to say.
I know you want a closer look at these pieces from the shop.0047_GZucker1211famvar 
Made from vintage newspapers.
Nice way to pass a December Sunday. Plus, I got some knitting on a gift done. If you wish you hadn't missed us, Ann's knit kits (with indie yarns and patterns) and both our books remain at the shop, in a corner with some other woolly items, like fleece lined slipper boots from recycled wool clothes, and hats.
• • • • • • • • • • • •   
* Consider that full disclosure, nepotism and all. But I wouldn't bother to blog about the joint if I truly didn't think it was special, and worth a look. I'm not that kind of blog.


twinsetellen said...

Just back from China where you can't believe all the Christmas glitz for a non-Christian culture. Santa Claus is very popular, not so much the religious figures. But holiday lights by the (literal) ton.

The shop looks lovely!

Mary Lou said...

I think we need the kights at this time - yesterday driving home in the drizzly dark I wanted to stop at every little cafe/restaurant because the light looked so inviting.

maryse said...

i should have taken a trip and visited when you two were there. looks lovely.

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Looks like a great gift shop. So many fiber related goodies in those pictures. Love the newsprint yarn ball and please, please .... some info on the black sheep/chicken print.

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