Monday, December 27, 2010

fly-by december

Somehow the making, the working, the dog-refereeing , the holiday cheer, and well,  life , edged out the blogging lately.
aerial views of Bobo & Gordo. I make Bobo sit and stay to get treats, then I hand one to Gordo and tell him he gets snacks just for still being alive. He's, like 94 or something in dog years, altho still maintains his frat boy attitude
Sister Lulu's granny square scarf request for chanukah was met. Her parameters: the colors in a photo of heirloom radishes she sent me, and "burgundy, and grey--menswear palette, please".
Sounds picky to you? Nah. I can work with it. Grow up in a family of artists and a scientist engineer, and you''l find this normal and suitably precise.  I wasn't sure about the combo myself, till I added the olivey acid green in there, then it felt OK. 8201110FamVar_
All  except the purple  are Mission Falls 1824 Superwash Wool (colors 011, 015, 028 with 010 edging it all), and the (slightly heathery) purple is Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Great yarns both, but in my very limited granny square experience, the singles I used on this last crochet project were easier to crochet than these plied yarns. Splitty crocheter that I am.
Most importantly, Lulu  was  happy with it. I've seen her wearing it at least 5 times since then, so I know she means it, too.


Vicki Knitorious said...

Love that scarf -- you nailed it.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yayyyyy! You are now a champion crocheter!! Beautiful scarf!! Nice work!

Seeeeee? Granny Squares ARE the building blocks to high fashion!

LoriAngela said...

I tell myself I don't crochet anymore, but what a great opportunity to mix colours!

gayle said...

Beautiful scarf!
But are you going to be able to stop making Granny Squares? (The pattern should come with a warning label - highly addictive...)

Mary Lou said...

I actually enjoy parameters like that, makes it a challenge. You did nail it, even if they are granny squares. Hope you are surviving the storm.

twinsetellen said...

Great colors, great scarf.

It is possible that if the plyed yarn were plyed in the opposite direction (which implies spun in the opposite direction, too), it might be less splitty for. Sorry, this is the irritating geekiness of the novice spinner for you. :-)

Cathy R said...

What a beautiful scarf and a lucky sister. Or is that a beautiful sister and a lucky scarf?

Either way, well done!

AudKnits said...

What a fantastic scarf! I love the colors. What a lucky sister! If you're in need of another sister, I'll volunteer.

Kristin nichola said...

Lovely Gail! I just love the grannies!
Must tell you... I loved all your hipstamatic photos so much! Bought my daughter an iPod touch for christmas and just downloaded the app for it. I'm going to have to sneak it when she is at school! Desperate for an iPhone but we don't get AT&T here.
Happy New 2011!