Saturday, May 22, 2010

showing some class

First, there was the wonderful class  2 weeks ago at Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara. Reports here, here and here.  What a fab group of knitters! And the setting, 100% charming.  Just a short one, a 3 hour class, on Photographing Your FOs.  No kidding, I was plotting a return appearance before I left the premises. Interested? contact me, or Celeste at the shop.
A week later I headed to Virginia, for the Juniper Moon Farm Photo Workshop Weekend . (click  to get some idea of the action). I like to think of it as the first ever, because that hints of return, which I am all for.
little known fact: Susan is a fabulous trained chef. Eating well at Juniper Moon. Seriously.This was lunch break.
Go get a drink and put your feet up,  the rest of this post is long with  lots of photos.
Susan Gibbs, or Shepherd Susie as she is known on Twitter, is the brains and the beauty behind Juniper Moon.  We'd been talking about doing something together for ages and boy was it fun to finally do it. And what a fabulous group joined us. (If any of you are reading this, post links to your own photos from last weekend in the comments, OK? I know you've got the goods).
A weekend workshop means plenty of time to shoot, to get to know your subjects,
play with color
and motion (this didn't quite work but you can see the potential).
And oh the cuteness! Lambs & kids & her beautiful dogs.0510FamVar_440
Did I mention the chickens? Good looking chickens.
Work with light & shade
.0510FamVar_554Discovering that a kid makes an adorable prop but distracts from the sweater details. BTW? This is Maggie, who is assisting on the farm, and is a talented spinner, I have my eye on some of her yarn at the farm retail shop.
Dyeing demo. The weekend format left time for a couple of yarn experiences that were interesting as well as photogenic- and we also had time to download images and discuss. I have to tell you, this doesn't seem like work to me at all. I know it's self-promotional as all get out to say this , but if this looks like fun to you, bookmark this link, where I list upcoming workshops.  The next one is in Kentucky! July 10th  & 11th.


woolanthropy said...

What a fantastic workshop! I so want to hug a lambykins and do a longer workshop.

Mary Lou said...

ok, I'd better get going on the Yarnery one or we'll never get into your schehule. I'm in northern CA with my sisters. FUNFUNFUN

craftivore said...

Wow, that looks like a wonderful weekend. Love the shot of the lamb wearing the sweater. I got my package today, let the plotting begin!

Ellen Bloom said...

Next time at The Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara, let's import some lambs for the photo workshop!!!! Great photos!!

twinsetellen said...

Did Mary Lou say the Yarnery? Sign me up, now!

(Do you think they will let us bring lambs into the shop?)

gayle said...

When you make a class look like this much fun, you're going to end up booked 24/7. (You'll have to come up with a new class "How to take photos in your sleep")

Kym said...

What fun!

Kay said...

Lamb in emerald lace: SQUEEEEEEEEE!

And you know I am usually impervious to the lambs. To me they are as livestock. But this guy??????? OMG.

Marla McLean, Atelierista said...

The little lamb is making me talk baby talk to my computer. Soooo cuuuute.
Oh yeah, the knitting is beautiful too.

ljc said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful

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