Saturday, August 11, 2007

knit! I so?

with apologies to these folks

Had I not broken the power cord post off into the little hole on my laptop, you'd have read this a week ago.080707colorado007
a view akong the way - groovy, no?
There I was, computer-less, for the Big Extended Family Week of vacation togetherness on a far off mountain. Was I all angsty and stressed? No! Why not? Because I realized a couple of weeks ago that this summer's theme is...SO?

As in: my kitchen is being trashed regularly by zombie- like hordes of teenage boys cooking midnight meals, (so?) or snacking heartily with the TV and computer both blasting in the family room as I ignore and churn the pixels upstairs in my home office. So? . The sand is building up in the living room, the backyard garden was never weeded past July 4th and we are eating some very sketchy combinations of food passing as meals. So? So? and SO?

Every summer has a theme and this is it for 2007. I usually slack off the work a bit in the summer. Not this year and something's gotta give. It just happens to be my standards. SO?

In keeping with the theme, aware of my responsibility to continue the woolly/alpaca/mohair-y test knitting for the book, I said.. SO? I'm taking silk for vacation knitting.0807silk05
Has nothing to do with fiber farms, only , as a friend pointed out, worm spit. Hand dyed silk, aran weight, and just exactly the color of the water at the neighborhood beach.

I'll show an after-vacation shot of what I knit with the silk sometime soon. Yeah, I've been back a few days and should already have a photo of it. But I haven't. SO?


Mary Lou said...

I've taken "so" as a motto for life, I think! Love the sunflowers. The first time I saw a field of sunflowers up in Northwestern MN I just couldn't get over it. The locals thought I was loco -- like the horse parking, too!

Cookie said...

Great sunflowers and lovely yarn.

I think that's a good motto for a summer. Much easier than letting it all make you crazy.

kt said...

The sunfleurs are indeed divine and I want to dive into that skein of yarn and waller 'round innit.

Silk good! (Use Frankenstein intonation here, please)

Must work on using "SO?" for answering the crazy-boss-man. Methinks it's an appropriate reply to practically evey utterance that dweeb produces. Thanks for the word!

Marsha said...

Worm spit...LOL.....I love it! And the 'Horse Parking' on the side of the building. Glad you are back, I've missed your post.