Sunday, June 24, 2007

sometimes things are just as they seem

I needed a bit more than 200 yards of a heavy worsted yarn. I wound the various skeins that I thought were the same yarn into cakes and here's what I got:
Even though the darker ball is larger, it seemed lighter in weight, less dense. Guess what? It weighs more. A whole 1/10th of an ounce. It has more yardage. Suspense over.

I actually worried about the outcome of this drama.

I'll be away most of the week working with some very favorite clients. I even get to travel my favorite way to the job, by ferry boats instead of planes. I can knit on board for the trip. The larger skein is more yarn. Life is good.


Mary Lou said...

Commuting by ferry - sounds great. Hope there's calm water and cool breezes! It's stinkin hot and humid here. Not June at all.

Cookie said...

Always a good sign when things are what they seem to be.

Happy travels!

Covered In Yarn said...

Hm...I'm interested to see how the yarn debocle turns out.

zippiknits said...

Have a good trip by ferry. We used to have ferries here and they were a favorite way to get to an island .. well we called it an island but it's really dredged out of the bay, and connected by a long spit. Anyway, happy knitting on the way across!