Wednesday, October 18, 2006

knitbloggers, knitbloggers, lend me your ears

Because mine need some recommendations for knitting podcasts.
I've been enchanted by Cast-On. That Brenda Dayne does a great 'cast. Good music, with real life chat, touching essays, a sense of humor, lots of knitting talk, all seamed together beautifully. I'm through most of her backlog now. sniff, sniff. Spoiled from the start. So please, tell me what you've found to listen to!

Next lend me your eyes. I finished a little something.
Three little somethings. A friend helped out in a pinch with some graphic design, refusing pay but when pressed, admitted she'd love some handknits. Although I don't think my friend is in any way incomplete, she only wanted fingerless mittens , and something to cover her ears and part of her head, but not a hat. It seems oddly psychological to have only open ended garments but we'll leave that to some other profession. She requested them in wine. (I hope she meant the color, not floating in the liquid,now that I think about it....)

some details:
Fetching from Knitty
Yarn: Bazic wool from Classic Elite, on size 6 needles
Modifications: Longer cabled cuffs , longer hands, and more cables over the fingers, wth a longer thumb. No picots on the bind-off. Its a cute pattern as written , just too skimpy in its one skein incarnation.
Comments: Two (open ended) thumbs up for this yarn. Its a superwash, not stiff but spongey and soft. It has an extra nice twisted texture, as if one ply is fatter than the other.bazic
The color is so rich, I'd guess it had an overydye of something dark, just a touch, for extra depth. Or maybe its the texture that makes it look that way? It took almost a skein for each mitt. Unlike last time, I remembered to make the cables face each other. Progress!

and the headband is from Garnstudio Drops site, whatta treasure trove of patterns that is. Hopefully most are translated better than this one which had some major mistakes. Easy enough to see in advance though. That no such thing as a free lunch thing again. I suspect its the same pattern that showed up on Craftster as Panta , if not, they're close cousins, but the Panta write-up is too convoluted for me. Same yarn as above, also took one skein. Based on testing on my own and another visiting head, this could be the new go-to quick gift of choice around here. FYI, way cuter on a live being than it is laying flat.

Now I know I use to show off finished sweaters, then it was shrugs, then scarves, then hats, now, headbands. Do you sense a trend of diminishing returns? The downsizing of FO's? Soon I'll proudly exhibit a fuzzy string wrapped twice around my pinkie. Check back soon.


Punkin said...

I have never visited Garnstudio before - Wow! What beautiful designs. I like the headband you made and so I wanted to see where you found the pattern. The color you used is beautiful and I really like the yarn.

Lauren said...

I've enjoyed Pixie Purls and Knitty D and the City

HPNY Knits said...

lovely set in a gorgeous wine color!!! it seems to be a theme this month, as it should...

Jenn said...

I agree with Knitty D and the City. Some were great but stopped after just a few episodes, like "At the Yarn Shop." And some are just terrible, but don't last long anyway. One girl couldn't say aran yarn, she said "arian" as if white supremicists have their own yarn. It was painful to listen to. And one talked way too much about his girlfriend and not enough about knitting - I stopped listening to that one after 4 episodes. But every once in a while you find a good one, like Insubordiknit, which may have ended too.

kathy in juneau said...

With a Bar Mitzvah on the horizon it's a wonder you are knitting at all!! Scrumptious mittens and headband. (I just might need to knit one of those.) AND I LOVE the sheep photos!!

Carole said...

I really like CraftLit and LimenViolet is funny stuff.

Zarzuela said...

I highly recommend Lime and Violet along with Knitty D and the City. Great shows! :)