Monday, June 12, 2006

my weekend knitting theme song

If I had one, would have featured Mick Jagger and started out " I Can't Get No......"

Half finished home improvement disrupting projects scattered anywhere I set my eyes. Two sons making me crazy with their plans (and lack of interest in mine). Escape into knitting was required. What?
2moreOnly two more miters and I realized the mail hadn't brought more yarn. I was flat out, unless I want a square that is all cream colored with maybe 4 rows in mixed colors.

I returned to my Opal Rodeo sock. I was just about up to the toe decreases when I tried it on. I knew it was a little snug, knew I wished the cuff a bit longer...but I didn't know about the big honking hole in the gusset/ankle area. Where did that come from? Upon closer inspection, a tiny dropped stitch, no doubt off the end of one of my traveling dpn toothpicks, had started to run, creating a stinkin' hole.

Three strikes against this sock , out I ripped. This did not make me any happier. again Return to the Rodeo is now at about an inch.

Without wasting any more time (ha) I re-read a socks on circs tutorial, still didn't quite get it, took a leap and ordered a long circular needle. I was ordering more Shine Worsted , anyhow.

This last was, admittedly, satifsying: my 15 year old was seen by friends in one of his squoosh hats,knitting and now they asked if I might, please, maybe, could I, if I had time, make them one too. Are there sweeter words? Aside from, can I help clean up the yard, sure I'd love to go to the festival with you and then I'll go study for finals. I didn't for the record, hear those last three phrases this weekend.

I wandered through the homestead looking at the half-mulched front yard (ran out of chips), the living room where I decided to reaarange furniture and talked Dave into helping me get rid of a truly disgusting old sofa, only to realize its replacement wasn't ready yet (frame only), wandered up my my office where I'd stalled reorganizng a shelf last week - what has gotten into me???- needweeddidn't even look at the unweeded back gardens. Felt like a lunatic.

Until I finally saw that fat old full moon Saturday night. A-Ha! Ended the weekend on the beach with a beer and my little bit of sock.
Peony, mint & false Indigo bouquet from the yard. Very satisfying!


margene said...

Since you ended on a high note the weekend wasn't a total loss. The peoney color (and picture) is fabulous!

normanack said...

Oh, I hear you. I'm cleaning my kids' playroom this week (it will take more than one day) and found a lovely Mouse Restaurant behind the video game console cabinet. M&Ms, chewed-up candy wrappers, and a gnawed Thin Mint, plus numerous mouse nuggets. All vacuumed now, but just watch me get hanta virus. Oh, and the garden picture? No weeds there. Just extra greenery (hee hee. Loved the post!

Kinderhook said...

I love that hat! Where did you get the pattern? Or, if you made it up, would you please share it? I could make a bunch of these and have some very happy campers around here! Thanks! I also love those mitered squares. You're getting me seriously interested. Hmmm... --Sally

Norma said...

That is definitely not "scary lady lives here." That is "artfully casual." :)

Love that photo of the peony, too.

kristinknits said...

That peony is beautiful! That is great that your sons friends are asking for hand knit hats. Maybe you should teach them all to knit.

Kay said...

I think your true Stones theme song is Can't Always Get What You Want. Which no doubt is called something else.

But if you try sometimes....xoxox Kay

Ann said...

That dropped sock stitch. In my brief sock experience, I'm finding that the dropped sock stitch sucks much more than any other dropped stitch I've ever had to deal with. I don't blame you a bit for ditching the whole sock--so demoralizing!!!!!

Looks like you're back on track. Love that crazy yarn.