Wednesday, May 17, 2006

identity crisis (or just call me The Little Sock Knitter That Could)

id crisis a: In yarn stores, sometimes the owner says, "hey take a look at the wonnnnderful sock yarns". To which I reply, "oh, they are beautiful but...I'm not a sock knitter".

Scratch that, with a full pair complete. I am a goner. Thanks to the practice on the first, the second has a more polished toe and tighter stitch. Its a better fit but I have to do something about ankle baggage. And! I have the floor and the shoes to go with them.redacc Thanks again Cate. (for the yarn, not the floor & shoes).

id crisis b: I have too much of the Question Authority left in me to think self-patterning yarn a Good Idea. Variegates, oh yes. Noro color changes, love 'em. But self-patterning just seems so... german.Oh look, bandwhat's that language on the ball band ? Anyhoo, scratch that, too. All that.Less than 30 rounds in I am LOVING this Opal Rodeo yarn. knit

id crisis c: I haven't actually been doing much knitting because, like every May, I get my Little Engine That Could head on and decide that this year I really will get the yard under control and do some landscaping. rocksThis small mountain was living a half mile away unwanted, so we've moved it here piece by piece and I can be viewed, when its not raining too hard, in my front yard with a pitch fork trying to dig out an area it can edge. These are big ol' heavy New England stones, and though my manly household has helped some, I'm doing the heavy lifting on this project. And I am not speaking figuratively here, sisters. I've been secretly thinking of myself as Rock Chick. I hope she doesn't mind.


margene said...

How wonderful to have another knitter converted to sock knitting! It usually only take one pair, one wearing. LOVE the way your socks look with the red shoes.
You should check the rock wall my sister and her hubby built. Her link is on my side bar. You all have more energy than I can even imagine. You deserve the title Rock Chick;-)

Wool Winder said...

I'm anxious to try Opal. Have a ball in my stash, I think. Gotta finish the Trekking first and my husband is wondering if I will ever make him a pair of socks.

kt said...

I bow to your superior first-time sock-knitter-superiority. I am not worthy! (I think I have to back and frog the heel on mine-forgot to pick up and knit the wrapped-stitch with the other.) (Oops, too much information--sorry.)

Your yard is neat-o. Nice pansies and I like your rake/fork/multi-tined tool shot, as well.

Anonymous said...

Ah-HAH! Welcome to the darkside:

Ann-Marie said...

oooh i love those shoes!!!
where'd you get them???
they are the perfect shoes for nice socks!!
great job