Monday, February 13, 2006

from the bleachers

I'm trying not to get windburn as those luge knitters steer with their feet, twiddling the dpns at warp speed as they hurl past.

Here on the sidelines I'm only experiencing some passing button envy, knowing there are teams of my kind of people:

and there are those churning what I'd like to be knitting soon:
Especially at Insaknity, I'm so jading on her multicolored version.

No, bambino, I am not in Torino, and having thought about the Yarn Harlot challenge I realized this: she has over 4000 knitters signed on. I thought, yeah, I could go for it..but what if I'm the hundredth monkey???

All over the world anyone who'd ever knit would seize their needles and cast on, without forethought (or even a trip to the LYS), through tribal cosmic evolution. The collective friction of needles clicking on every stitch could create enough energy to raise global temperature, resulting in major problems back at the the luge competition when the ice got runny. And you just know ad agency execs would start pitching to us on commercial breaks brought to you by Lion Brand. Do you really want to see the camera casually panning a ball of Noro* on the table next to Bob Costa, as knitterly product placement?

And besides, enough with the deadlines. February is my month to do something different.

Which I have been doing, more about that, tomorrow.
* If you didn't click on the Noro link above, its the last chance to bid on the fabulous Noro afghan at ebay. To benefit Afghans for Afghans. Go, now!

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