Tuesday, February 15, 2005

a Change of Pace

Last month the Regularly Scheduled Knitting was interrupted.
First for this:
Loopy #2,loopy
from Knitty.
The Loopy#1 was a funkier, colorful Finlandia Kidsilk in spring green with orangey-pink Berrocco HipHop. It went to my sister Lulu , she wears her shawly-scarf with panache. I received waay more knitland credit for this than deserved. Its gossamer silky fuzzy web and bumpy loops make people drool.
But who doesn't love excessive compliments? So, I made # 2 for a more sedate friend, in steely blue KidSilk with a darker HipHop color.

Then a long train trip came up, New Haven to Wash DC. Figuring the stranger next to me wouldn't be into the rhythmic poking of my straight needles, I gave in to the fingerless mitt urge I'd picked up online. On pokeless dpn's.

First, a pair of earthy crunchy fingerless mitts from the Midnight Knitter pattern that came out so,um, earthy crunchy that I followed them with these, in Lambs Pride wool from old leftovers.
They looked pretty cool but went to a silent auction, where they inspired a tiny bidding war, going for $22. (the earthy crunchy pair went for the more earthy sum of $7. I'm not proud to admit I tried to make believe I didn't know them personally).
Then I made myself a pair, trying a ribbed pattern, in variegated mystery wool. Finally, these for Mr. Cool, my 11 yo son with an indecisive design sense (had a chart for the skull motif, I winged it on the G. I like a little imperfection, it keeps the hand in handmade....)


Anonymous said...

Hey you! Welcome to blogland. I love your existential question -- it gave me a great laugh. Norma

Anonymous said...

Another brave soul in the blogosphere!
Do not show my Megan those bottom wristers.
That will be all.

(Yarn Harlot)